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  • Name: TCY85 Permanent Magnet Generator
  • Product No.: TCY04(TCY85)
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 Our rare eatth permanent magnet generator has small size, light weight, good stability.THD is low, electromagnetic compatibility is good. High efficiency, low fuel consumption, anti-lightning stroke. It is an ideal power source for emergency lighting, construction equipment, emergency communication and other electrical machines.

We have six models to  meet the current emergency power consumption needs, such as TCY35, TCY65, TCY75, TCY85, TCY135, TCY185.

The advantages as follows:


Choose well-known brands engine to ensure the reliability, easy to start. Air-cooled engine to ensure that the harsh environment and climate conditions can work properly.

2. Alternator

¡The Alternator adopts the high efficient rare-earth permanent magnet material, the structure is simple, the stability is good and the trouble is low.

¡Alternator without any electronic components, can effectively prevent lightning stroke

¡ High efficiency (up to 93.3%) for generators, providing more power saving more fuel

¡ Alternator’s THD is low, brushless design, EMC is good

¡ Generator suitable for long-distance power supply, for inconvenient area

¡ Strong loading capacity

3. Phase loss and in the case of great loading imbalance, the generator can work smoothly.

4.The compact size of the whole machine, compare with the same power level of the generator has a small size, light weight, easy handling and so on.


Engine Brand CHINA Brand Diesel Engine
Model DH457 198FAE
Fuel Gasoline Diesel
Displacement(cc) 457 618
Output(HP) 17 16
Starting System R/E E
Fuel Tank(L) 25 15
Oil Capacity(L) 1.1 1.65
Alternator Voltage(V) 400/230(230V Optional)
Frequency(Hz) 50 50
COP(kW) 8.5 8.5
Packing L(mm) 700 770
W(mm) 530 540
H(mm) 570 630
Net Weight(kg) 89 123
Remark:For Starting System,R is Recoil Start;E is Electric Start.